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Wed Oct 14 1:58 pm  #1

Smart meters

"Absolute control over energy distribution and consumption is a core doctrine of Technocracy and England is upgrading their Smart Meters to allow direct shut-off access to all appliances in consumers’ homes. America is largely equipped to do this as well."

What have I been saying about those damned smart meters since at least 2010?  I've been warning people to get rid of them before it's too late.  Trouble for my house is that we didn't even realize we HAD a smart meter until it was too late to do anything about it.  NO ONE EVER ASKED OUR PERMISSION and that, right away, told us something about what was coming in the future. The last video to help a person change this was made back in 2008 and I assume now, in 2020, it's a bit late to do what the guys suggested - - and that video was probably taken down long ago.

AND, if you think smart phones are any different about spying on people and controlling content, you're living in a multitude of disarranged ideas.  They can probably do worse things, which is why I don't have one and I don't want one - - ever.  When the phone I have konks out, I'm not going to be having a phone any longer, that's just the way it is.  Back to the days of my grandparents - - they didn't have electricity until the 1940's and their first phone was installed in 1961.

But, you know what?  I think we're screwed, people. 


A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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