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September 3, 2020 9:18 pm  #1

What happened to summer, they ask?

We've had summer in short  bursts this year.  Yesterday was 96 degrees, hot and sunny.

Today is calling for a high of 74, but still sunny.

I am getting so I detest the sun when it stays super-bright all day long because it hurts my eyes.  Maybe that will improve after I have my cataract surgery, whenever I can get it to get it done.  Strangely, our gubner didn't close down ANYTHING IN THE STATE but sooooooo many businesses are CHOOSING TO STAY CLOSED.

There's a reason for that.  Those businesses didn't have to pay wages, unemployment taxes or any other kind of taxes during the time they're closed.  They are also paring down their employees to the barest necessities they can get by with (which is truly not a comforting thought).

Sure, cold temperatures are coming sooner than usual in some parts of the world but where I live, we are right on schedule for what we call the "teeter totter" weather.  Just like we've been having for a month already.

The bad part (really bad) is that we are also having the smelliest fall I can remember in a decade since the Yellowstone Fires.  The air LOOKS clear but when you look off in the distance at the mountains, it's extremely hazy and smoke-filled.  The air simply REEKS of smoke and has done for over two months now, but it seems to be getting worse.  Didn't they say the California and west coast fires were under control now?  Well, if they are, where is the smoke coming from constantly then?  Canada is having no fires (I checked just this morning) and there are NO fires in this immediate area.  This smoke is drifting in from God knows where but it's impossible to have a window open, which is distressing on these beautiful fall days.  I have had an upset stomach for weeks from the smell that seeps into the house through the walls and the roof and the fully closed windows.  It's just awful.

Nevertheless, if you're a SNOW PERSON like me, this "forecast" will cheer you up somewhat.

*** Also you should check the coming forecast over at either The Farmers Almanac or The OLD Farmers Almanac.  They are NOT the same publication, never were, but many ignorant people have no clue about that.

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