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June 13, 2020 4:07 am  #1

I agree with Tucker - no lockdown was necessary

. . . except for political purposes, and that's exactly what it was.  The last cookie in the jar for the democraps because their bag of tricks was empty and they had nothing else to use against President Trump. 

Watch Tucker in a short video (actually it was cut off too soon and I'm looking for another link/vid to post here).  The vid is way at the bottom of the article.

Quote from the article:

"Experts previously warned of large gatherings, such as the one at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, saying that they would backtrack progress on flattening the curve of the virus. It was found later that the mass gathering of vacationers at the Ozarks found zero new cases of COVID-19."

But it was ok for the ANTIFA movement to gather in the streets in large crowds who were not "6 feet apart" nor were they wearing face masks (as was the stupidass narrative being told to the American people).  Anyone who believed in THOSE LITTLE GEMS deserved the rest of what they got (lied to), as well.  Ha!!

But, as much as I hate to disagree, Tucker still needs to do a LOT of homework about this subject.  Has he seen the 20 minute vid by Dr. Judy Mikovits?  I'll bet not.  He really should see if before promoting any more ideas about corona "virus".  Everyone HAS corona virus already in their system.  It's a given. And the face masks are only making things worse, as are the use of hospital ventilators.  If you've been keeping up, you already know that.  I'll be happy to provide Tucker with the video of Dr. Judy Mikovits if he needs it.  In fact, it's posted here on this site.

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