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April 21, 2020 9:02 pm  #1

The Greatest Depression

I've been reading a lot, for the past few years, about the Great Depression.  Also I've been reading almost anything I can get my hands on concerning the Dirty Thirties.  Very interesting time in history, both of those events, but many people think they are JUST ONE EVENT. 

No sir.  They are 2 separate events.  Study up, folks!

Jon Rappaport's latest article (4-21-2020) at his website has some good information about why the events of today's society mirror what happened in both of the events mentioned above.  The number one event was panic (created panic, no less) and the number two event was money.  That should be no surprise at all because the world is obsessed with money.  Usually the people who already HAVE money are the worst of all because they always want more, more, more.  I guess it must be the nature of the beast.

Here are two good quotes from Jon's latest article:

"Here, from the US Library of Congress, is a sentence about the Great Depression of the 1930s:

“In a country with abundant resources, the largest force of skilled labor, and the most productive industry in the world, many found it hard to understand why the depression had occurred and why it could not be resolved.”


The engineered 1929 crash of the stock market did not change the quantity or quality of national resources, labor, or industry one iota.

What had changed was the successful projection of a mass illusion: “THINGS ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOW. TODAY IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM YESTERDAY.”

In 1929, the official gibberish focused on unchecked speculation in the stock market. Today, the official gibberish focuses on an unproven virus."

And then there's this:

"Official fatuous pronouncements about 1929 would have you believe that every American was, unfortunately, leveraged up to his neck in crashing stocks. Pronouncements about 2020 would have you believe every American has suddenly become a transmitter of a deadly virus. Both big lies.When it comes to what is laughingly called medical science, the basic energy, drive, ambition, outlook, and inner vision of the individual is discounted. His emotional force is discounted. The resilience of his immune system is discounted. The power of his spiritual beliefs is discounted. His ability to overcome obstacles is discounted. And of course, his natural right to make decisions about his own health is discounted."

And that's the final way to examine how you feel about this "outbreak".  Either you believe in the thing, or you believe almost nothing about it because you know, in your heart, that's it's pure propaganda from the gubmint's of the world banding together.  Ain't that a shame??  Those in power want to destroy those NOT in power - - so then, I ask, who will do the bidding of the rich?  Ooops!  I think they forgot one important detail in Schiff's plan . . . HA!!!

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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