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March 15, 2020 1:34 am  #1

Fascinating look at Eisenhower's immigration

This is long, but worth reading.  They didn't have the answers back then any more than our "officials" pretend to have the answers now.  But just letting these people waltz into our country, by the MILLIONS, is not a "plan", the way I see it. 

America HAS no plan to get these people out of our country, as they continue to come here ILLEGALLY, commit crimes and murders, we pay for everything for them but we don't even do it for our OWN CITIZENS. Heck, they're better off, financially, than I am - it's appalling. I sure as hell don't get free healthcare or free lodging or free meals or free anything, for that matter.  I guess the word "ILLEGALLY" just doesn't mean anything anymore, not even to our LEGAL SYSTEM because we don't really have one, obviously.  Just going through the motions isn't cutting it.

There is just something wrong with that whole picture. 

A few who come here for seasonal work is one thing, but letting them in by the millions, which we are now doing, is just witless and wrong.

But if you're interested in past history being repeated today, this is a good article.

***  I just re-read the article at the link above and got much more out of it this time than previously, for some reason.  I think it's because NOT ONCE DID I SEE the word corona virus - - not in any way, shape or form!  First article I've read in a couple of weeks that did not even mention it - probably because the article above was written back in 2006.

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