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February 27, 2020 11:58 pm  #1

A "flu" shot will NOT help with any type of virus

It won't help you avoid the flu, either.  In fact, in my estimated opinion everyone SHOULD have the flu every few years.  It's good to help bolster the immune system (like it doesn't have enough to do!) and it helps keep a body cleaned out, so to speak.  Ahem. 

Dr. Brownstein agrees with me about the audacious idea of getting a flu shot to help with this latest "virus scare" which is exactly what it is, it's a SCARE TACTIC.  The CDC figures it's just gotta keep you up in arms about one illness or another outbreak ALL THE TIME or they just aren't happy.

Do me a favor and make them sad.  DON'T follow any of their advice.  That's the best advice you'll get all the rest of the year and then some.

FOR SOME REASON THE LINK WILL NOT POST PROPERLY.  Just go to his web site (at the link below) and read all of his articles on this ridiculous virus.

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