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January 6, 2020 12:31 am  #1

Don't be an old fart!

But DO be selective.  Some of the info here is questionable, as far as I'm concerned.

This article was interesting, although the information is not news to me.  One thing I disagree with is taking folic acid.  I take REAL folate (I use the Solgar brand tablet and they seem to do the trick - - actually, all the B vitamins I take are from Solgar) and I do not EVER take a multivitamin.  They are a waste of money most of the time.  I circulate my vitamin intake by using them randomly, different days of the week (except the D3 and K2 which I take daily).

I also try to make sure my B12 intake is always from the methylcobalamin form. Don't just order any old B12.  Mine are little pink pellets which melt under your tongue (sublingually) or you can just swallow them if you wish.  It's the best form of B12.

It has been my experience that homocysteine "levels" is a very unsettled science.  Mine is usually always in the lower 100's or up to 120ish.  But once it was over 300.  Now, I have known people who get their blood checked regularly (like every couple of months for some reason) and it bounces all over the place for them too.  I have also known people whose levels are consistently above 500 to 600.  They are alive and doing well. 

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