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October 28, 2019 9:10 pm  #1

Ladies in Black

I haven't seen it (not much into movies these days, unless they're old westerns, always my favorites!!) but this sounds like it might get my interest.  It trashes today's society, thank God, and that will always be a plus in my book.

The article is written by the infamous Taki, always using a different persona/identity with his/her name.  Every article sports a different name so your guess is as good as mine about who this person really is and why his/her opinion should matter.  But . . .

Here's a quote from the article at the link below:

"There is nothing in it that’s dark, warped, or contemporary, nothing sick, which will probably turn it into a money loser in the U.K. and the U.S. of A. The degradation deposited on us by the film industry reflects today’s world of drugs and freak sexual mores and lifestyles. Oh yes, and we are not allowed to say things anymore that might offend anyone, including mass murderers who kill in the name of Allah. Militant secularists make sure we never say anything nice about Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, and God forbid we portray on film or on the printed page anyone of virtue and moral discipline. No wonder I was thunderstruck by Ladies in Black. These ladies are shop assistants in a grand Sydney department store, the fictional Goode’s, and they include the most delightful and wholesome Angourie Rice and the beautiful Rachael Taylor. The movie was made this year, I think, and it makes Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life seem a downer by comparison. The teenage Miss Rice has a mother who adores her and a gruff father who works as a printer for the Sydney Morning Herald paper and doesn’t understand the modern world. Remember it’s 1959, pre–everything that’s horrible like the internet, Facebook, Twitter, computers, mobiles, selfies, the f-word, promiscuity, rap, leggings, porn, and the E.U. The teenager is divine and a top student. Her smile is to die for."

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