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September 12, 2017 2:44 am  #1

Parents rights re: schools teaching transgenderism

This is a really good article.  Kinda long, but if you have grandkids in school, this might be something good to forward to their parents who might be frustrated with the idea of transgenderism.  Gawd, I'm so glad this wasn't an issue when my kids were in school.  And, BTW, my kids also played dodgeball with nary a complaint from anyone on the playground.   They also played on the monkey bars and if someone got hurt, they went to the school nurse - which is WHY school's are assigned a nurse in the first place.  Nowadays those school nurses are mostly there to hand out bushel baskets full of drugs for hapless kids who don't have a clue and neither do their hapless and hopelessly stupid parents.

But this issue is crystal clear and this is a good article to support that idea.

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