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August 11, 2019 9:07 pm  #1

Get goOgly & VaXx our of your life for GOOD

This is from the August 2019 Newsletter of Dr. Tim O'Shea, a chiropractor who has spent his career helping people avoid toxic crap that's ALLLLL around them and helping people to understand why we should NOT be putting toxic stuff into our bodies, much less the bodies of our children.  Consider it like this:  If you're a religious person and you vax your child(ren), you have committed a sin.  Simple as that.  Almost all modern medicine is based on death, which when caused purposely, is a sin. 

Right?  Or how do YOU view it?  Let me know by answering this message for a change, instead of just reading, maybe passing it on, but never brave enough to make a comment.  Whattsamatta?  You afraid you might have to engage in a conversation with someone who might know more than you do?

Yeah, that's it all right.  Well, try accepting a challenge for a change, and also order the book on vax by Dr. O'Shea.  Good stuff there, always has been.  That's why I signed up for his newsletter.  Keep reading.


 I think we can all agree there are those today who are intent on destroying this country, people who despise everything we stand for, who are determined to corrupt our ideals and erode our belief in basic human freedoms. These powerful forces are well represented in both government and media. The threats they present are real, and they increase and grow stronger every single day.  In 1974 there were  3.5 billion people in the world. Today there are 7 billion.  Does that mean that human life has only have half the value it had in the 70s?  Apparently the real decision makers in this country think so. The current wave of censorship sweeping this country since January was triggered by the imaginary measles ‘outbreak’.   Here are some facts no longer permitted in either corporate or social media    - The January  ‘outbreak’ was no different from the year before    - There has been no new science    - No one dies from measles    - Measles is a mild, immune-building disease of childhood    - If vaccines work, the vaccinated have nothing to fear    - The new measles cases are among the vaccinated.  Now that censorship is in full swing,  what happened to the measles threat?  It’s gone.  Because it never existed in the first place.  Just like smallpox, swine flu, avian flu, Ebola and the rest of the Boutique Epidemics since 2001.

What changed? Nothing.  Only news coverage. Obviously this new vaccine hysteria then was 100% media – orchestrated The agenda:  to launch the new censorship, not just on vaccines, but now for any subject they choose  It’s about power. Let’s say you had untold wealth – either inherited or earned – hundreds of millions.  And after you’d bought all the toys: all the mansions, all the ranches, all the horses, the best education for your children, all the boats, all the guitars, all the artwork – at that point –      what more do people want? What’s left that they don’t have? POWER.           The power to control others – to bend them to your will. Just imagine what that would be like – that you had the power to force your opinions and values on all your friends - and all your enemies.   Wow.  What if you could make everyone realize that       1. Our Constitution has the most evolved guarantees of personal freedom ever               conceived – and now we’re actually going to follow it:       2. vaccines are the most dangerous immunological experiment ever performed   on the human race       3. bones locked out place actually do result in altered afferentation       4. there is literally no imbalance that the adjustment cannot influence—its   
effects are virtually illimitable
 Illimitable? Really?  Does that mean the adjustment can cure cancer?  Ask Tim Young    that one.  Or look at   What is certain is that chemotherapy and radiation cannot.    Now sometimes I think I can be a little too dogmatic about the power of osseous adjusting.  This was brought to my attention last year down in the Bahamas. I was on a beach, waiting for my friends to come in from the ship.  And there were all these hammocks strung between the palm trees.   So I backed into one but it was a little too high – so I jumped up and sat down hard.  The hammock flipped upside down, piledriving my head straight down into the sand. No such thing as bones out of place pinching nerves? This was constant severe pain and burning – maybe you’ve heard about something like that? Three days later I’m driving along the coastline up in southern Maine and I see the sign – Chiropractor.  I fishtail into the parking lot and walk inside.  The place is jammed – rush hour - – open room adjusting, but the doc finds me a table. Lying prone, I can’t really see what he’s doing.       After some exploratory prods and pokes, pretty soon he’s got the double headed electric adjusting gun going -  variable impulse pressure.  He’d do something, walk away, come back, do something else, walk away… As you probably guessed, a few minutes later I’m out in the waiting room 90% cured..  Next day I come back and he does the other 10%. This has happened to me several times before – what with all the horses and motorcycles etc--  - severe injury, masterful adjustment, complete cure.  I’m sure it’s been the same for many of you in your lives, right?   But think how fortunate, how blessed we are ---that we knew enough to go to a DC,  and even luckier to find that rare technician who could deliver the goods  Just ask yourself – what would your life be like today without excellent chiropractic care?  Mine would certainly be one of chronic pain and limitation. Speaking of limitation, here’s a new  disease endemic to DCs.  The guilt of success.        Astounding that now we’re being made to feel guilty for being successful.  Anybody know what I’m talking about here? I first learned about this perversity a few years back when speaking at one of the schools in England, where their nonpracticing, nonadjusting,  anti-chiropractic “teachers”  had convinced the students that anyone who spends less than 4o minutes a visit was exploiting people.  Not kidding.          So they criticize any successful DCs who have large practices - that these docs had brainwashed their patients into coming in for that 2 minute placebo, or whatever. Who do you think all the Teslas, or the beautiful homes in the world—who do you think they’re for?  Shouldn’t they be for those who contribute the greatest amount of service to mankind?  Or I see Tim Young getting criticized on FB by the morbidly clueless, demanding to know what his “tools of assessment “ are for all those visits.  Tools of assessment?  He’s probably thinking - I got your tools of assessment right here buddy…. Or I think about  ALIENS  invading the earth.  And just before they’er about to eat us ….   someone might say …Well, have you met Dr Young?    Tim Young is probably the most  dedicated and modest  individual you’re likely to meet.           When you hear him talking about all those years he’s done more than a million in service--  that's not him bragging —it’s more of a lament.   It’s him wondering who is going to help him going to help him    -    try and make a dent--- so much work to do—so much service needed. Let’s look at the numbers.  We have 330 million people. That we know about.  How many of them do you think are subluxated?  What percentage of those will never get adjusted  because they’ll never find out about chiropractic?    People will tell you 90% but I’m telling you -- it’s more like 99%.  We’re not even scratching the surface……  So  let’s look at some of the problems we have today in this subluxated country of ours:                the  glorification of perpetual war                   the marketing of illness              the enthronement of ignorance               the suppression of science               the dilution of education               the new exemption laws               Are the architects of these agendas – do you think there’s any chance they might be           ... subluxated? Even if all  DCs in the US were seeing 150 patients, 5 days a week, we wouldn’t even begin to keep pace with all the subluxations there are.  If you need 40 minutes a visit,  that puts you at 12 per day. What are people doing with all that time?  We are not marriage counselors, massage therapists, personal trainers, fortune tellers, or hookers. If you need your hand held for 40 minutes, see a manicurist.  We are chiropractors.  In those few precious, sacred moments we have with a patient, we have one task and one task only:  find it and fix it.  Anything else – that’s where the exploitation comes in.  Because then you’re stealing something much more valuable than their money – then you’re stealing their time. Up until recently    I had 2 channels on YouTube.  A month ago they sent me a text one morning that they had deleted one of my channels. No warning - no back up.  Gone.        70 hours of continuing Education videos — 30% of which was on vaccines.  In my March newsletter I talk about the letters congressman Adam Schiff and I               both sent to Mark Zuckerberg.   My letter was ignored.    Shiff’s letter brought in a whole new era of global censorship, the likes of which the world has never seen.        The  Epistemological Apocalypse   I call it.   .  Now In order to bring you up to date a little on Google’s behavior for the last few years,  I want everybody to take a picture of this slide:     The Google Insider.  A 25 minute video will come up.  After 5 minutes        you’ll think you know what it’s about.  You won’t.  Watch the whole 25 minutes. You’re going to see a hidden camera interview of a  top    Google  drone           who’s in a position to control the search algorithm    of the largest information platform in history.       She ‘s part of an inner circle who are able to impose their narrow bias in every area  upon the entire  world.                       You’d think that the people at the top of such an enormous corporation  would be the best and the brightest right?.  Far from it    -very low IQs,   with no trace of integrity or moral responsibility---  This dark little clique has its own Orwellian vocabulary to justify its quirky version of something they call “Fairness.”         

For Google, this word means they’ll promote anything that agrees with their sharply biased opinions   -      Politics,       science,       health and medicine,  immigration,   environment –     they control which conversations will be published,    and which are to be blocked. All this is accomplished by means of an Artificial Intelligence technology they call        “Machine Learning Fairness.”           That’s their mantra - Machine Learning Fairness.    What in the world is that?          It’s google’s constantly changing  secret algorithm that continues to block  any narratives that deviate from their very parochial, unenlightened view of the world.           It’s kinda like Social Engineering by hillbillies.                  Though Machine Learning itself is highly sophisticated, its controllers are anything but   Their behavior is the diametric opposite  of anything remotely resembling fairness. It’s the very antithesis of democracy, and free speech, Ever wonder about the decision process for any particular search that you run?  I imagine you’ve suspected for years that Google wasn’t being entirely objective with your search.          But when you watch this video you’ll realize just how far down the rabbit hole they’ve gone. Now I’ve done a fairly miserable job here with this brief little expose on Google.  Everybody --  write this down ——    and watch the entire 25 minutes.  This weekend! But let's not be disconsolate.  There may be a silver lining here.       Wiki/   Google      YouTube -  they’re already being replaced.   It’ s true.     

Now that they have become so obviously compromised and unreliable, there is a growing demand for their original idea - a truly open and objective forum for sharing information.    Millions are switching now to more unredacted sources , such as     Vimeo    Brighteon    YELLIST     DUCKDUCKGO Millions are learning how to get google and youtube out of their life, now that they’ve outlived their usefulness, their credibility.. Did you ever get the feeling that all the lectures you’ve given in all those cities, all the airports you’ve trudged through, all the adjustments, all the reports, all those consults--- ... did you ever get the feeling that      –   that people don’t really listen to a word you say? I mean even with the speakers we’re hearing at this event – 10 minutes after they’re finished – will you remember one thing they said?   I’ve got an idea.  Let’s try another tack here -  – and just do images.   

See Video:  Dr O’Shea Focus OKC lecture - 2019 


Dr. TIm O'Shea (newsletter)

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

August 11, 2019 9:33 pm  #2

Re: Get goOgly & VaXx our of your life for GOOD

And it certainly has become a war. 


[url=]Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children
 For the past decade the most widely read vaccine manual for parents all over the world.

Now in 6 Languages.

This is not an anti-vaccine text. It is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven absolutely safe, effective, and necessary by legitimate, verifiable third party science wholly unconnected with the global vaccine industry..
 The book is written for everyone concerned about the health and well-being of their children and of themselves.

Why is this the best vaccine book available today?
 Easy to read

Doesn’t bury the reader in obscure science, but summarizes the relevant science into just what you need to know
 Complete. Tells you what vaccines are. The money behind them. Discusses each individual vaccine, risks and dangers
 Just long enough. Saves you time. Many parents make their informed decision relying on this book, and its references.
 Up to date, with abundant references for those who wish to go deeper into the best research
 How much do you really know about what you’re allowing to be injected into your child: the ingredients of vaccines; vaccine side effects, the dangers of vaccines, autism and vaccines, HPV vaccine. This book is for parents, educators, those in the medical profession, midwives, nurses, those working in government and practitioners of alternative medicine as well – a rare vaccination book that is meticulously documented, and is not the usual parroting of special interest narratives.
 Easy to read — not the med-speak found in medical journals and everyday media.Vaccination Is Not Immunization is 200 pages of fully documented information along with over 300 references that will open your eyes. Whether or not to vaccinate your child is arguably the most important decision you will ever make for your child. The nervous system only forms once, and most of it happens before age 2.
 Just look at kids around you. Who are the healthiest – the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
 Since there are so many doctors who don’t vaccinate their own kids, and serious questions about vaccines from some of our most educated people, perhaps it isn’t such a good idea to get all your information from advertising, or from the people selling them.Let’s look at what the scientists who make the vaccines have to say. Only then will you have what you need to make an informed decision about how to best care for your child.So if you’re having the slightest doubts about the safety of the vaccines you’re about to give your child, get the facts, from the most reliable vaccine book available today.Doesn’t your child deserve that much?
 When a child becomes autistic or vaccine injured, most parents realize their bad decision too late. And that’s when they all say the same thing: “I wish I’d known.”
 Well, this is your chance to know, right now.

Go to the web site of Dr. O'Shea and purchase the book at any time.

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A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw
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