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June 4, 2019 3:28 am  #1

somali's take over Mpls and soon all of MN

And people just stand by with their fingers up their noses and do nothing to stop it.  Hmmmph.

Just wait and see.  They will soon take over the entire state of MN.  I wouldn't be too worried about this except that I live in a neighboring state and many people from this area travel to Rochester, MN to Mayo Clinic for treatments, operations, etc.,  many of them are very ill when they go there.  What will happen to this iconic medical center???  We've already seen mass destruction by these sand niggers in many areas (not just in our country) and we have GOT to put a stop to this right now if not sooner.

The author is a putz for not stating things plainly - - the somali's did not just "change" minneapolis, they've taken over, and as I said above it will soon entail the entire state.  It's a big huge problem and now Trump is off in England doing battle where it can certainly wait.  Arggggh.

A government which robs Peter to
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