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March 25, 2019 7:06 pm  #1

Boy - - they just came unglued, didn't they??!!!

It's hilarious.  But if we were discussing a dimwit dem President, we never would have had an investigation AT ALL. Much like what's happened with the Hagzilla the satanic hag and all her email crap, and that was just the beginning of her criminal doings.  But the dimwits don't wanna talk about that or even want her questioned under oath, and they defend creeps like comey, mccabe, strozck, page, baker, brennan, mccain, etc.  The rest of us are supposed to believe that those people were all saints.

Uh-huh.  Sure.

Well, I for one, am glad this is finally coming to an end and PDJT is not being hung out to dry for something he (nor his family) did.  You just wait - - - the press is going to go after Don, Jr., Ivanka and Jared, and Eric now, and hard.  They are so dead-set on finding something, anything, it's just making them look more and more like spoiled little children who aren't getting the biggest piece of cake at the party.

Please watch those vids - - they are so funny they're sad.

AND why on earth do these "journalists" keep talking about what bill maher thinks about this?  Who gives a damn what that creep thinks about anything at all?  How did he get a tv show, now THAT is what needs investigating.  The guy is an empty vessel.  Who cares what he posted to some tweet or whatever? 

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