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August 16, 2017 10:00 pm  #1

kids receive broken education

Finally - - someone else is taking up the same cause as me, wherein we discuss the importance of grammar and spelling.  Much to the chagrin of the techno-brained (read: lame brained) world, these subjects truly ARE important for children to learn at an early age. We should in no way be letting children depend on some techno gadget to "correct their mistakes".  Good Lord.  Too many idiot "professors" et al, are arguing against this fact.  It's totally insane!  I can't believe there are people around who think this isn't important. 

When I read a blog or an article online and the writer misuses the English language in any way, I immediately click out of it because if people cannot take the time to write something properly why should I waste my time reading it?  If they can't write it and put some thought into it, what makes people think they did proper (or any) research of their subject matter in the first place?  It's sloppy, it's lazy and it indicates little thought put into the project which leads me to believe they don't care much about their subject at all.

I have offered, many times, to proofread for some of these "writers" but so far no takers!  I guess they just want to churn out SOMETHING whether it's correct in form or fact, or not.

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