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June 28, 2018 9:07 am  #1

Learning about muslimism as a religion

I would never recommend anyone read the Koran [or the doctrinal book of any false religion.] It is better to read a book written by a mature Christian who came out of Islam or has studied it himself.  IMO, Islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarianism, and ideology and a huge political movement.  Sweden is learning this the hard way, and other countries will soon follow.  Let's hope the USA isn't one of those countries who are stupid enough to fall into such an obvious trap.  DEPORT THEM ALL.  Good or bad, they can always come back if they come on a merit-based, vetted plan - - and that's exactly what America is going to have to do. 



In light of today’s news events, we do well to ask what theBible says about Islam. Islam controls a large part of the world and is on a jihadic rampage that hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years.“Today, there are 44 Islamic states; half of these are Arab.There are about one and a half billion Muslims worldwide, about one-fifth of the world’s population. Muslims cover half of the globe, from Northern Africato Southern Russia, from Northern India to Indonesia. ....There are about 24 million Muslims in Europe ...There are two million Muslims in France. More than a million Muslims live in Germany. There are also roughly 80 million Muslims in Russia.There are more than one billion Muslims represented at the United Nations...” (Michael Evans,Beyond Iraq, p.49).

Islam is in the process of doing what it failed to do earlier in its history, and that is to conquer Europe. It is winning this objective by immigration, prolific breeding, and crafty politics, all made possible by the spiritual blindness, lack of wisdom, and pacifism of Europeans in general."

I would recommend reading this for starters:


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