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July 30, 2023 1:53 am  #1

Here are your Parents Of The Year

First of all, who wrote that STUPID headline for this article???  I had a helluva time making heads or tails out of what in the world it was all about.  "shoots toddler full of weed" is what threw me off, I guess. 

But this sort of thing is just going to keep happening as long as we seem to have this now open drug market.  I'm truly, truly surprised the kiddo's didn't find the fentanyl.  And WHAT IS THE DAD doing with that shit in the house anyway???  He appeared to be more worried about hiding the fentanyl than checking on his kids. 

These 2 adults need to be tossed into the clink and then the POlice need to throw away the damned key and forget these two idiots even HAVE any rights.  IMO, they used their "rights" to exploit and kill their 2 children.

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