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July 16, 2023 7:14 am  #1

Chinese Hams taste horrible, do not buy them - this is a warning

I have now given Smithfield (Chinese-raised, I found out) hams 2 chances now and they are truly awful, not to mention they are horribly expensive.  I usually try to find a small Cure 81 Ham but the grocery store where I shop only seems to carry them over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The only other brand name I saw there was called Cook's Hams.  So next time I'm going to try that brand because I sure am not spending big bucks on a Chinese Ham that tastes just plain gross, and is infused with pink dye.  I know that because the juices that came off that ham *which I usually save to make gravy) were absolutely reddish pink.  It was just gross, it smelled gross, and it tasted even worse.  Had to go back to the store to see about getting my money back, but no - - can't do that.  It was a 9 1/2 pound ham (that was the smallest one so that tells me hormones were used) and it cost me over $34 so I still feel some sort of restitution should have been paid to me.

Hey, that's just me.  It's a ridiculous practice because I'll probably now start shopping elsewhere (like right across the street !!). 

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