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June 20, 2018 8:30 am  #1

This is great

It's a 44 min vid of the Laura Ingraham show (Ingraham Angle) from 6-19-18.  Watch it fast because I'm pretty sure this vid won't be up very long.  She is down at the border and she is interviewing ACTUAL Border Patrol agents and she's getting the REAL story about this "kid crisis" that all of a sudden has everyone up in arms.  This has been going on for decades but Monday it all of a sudden became BIG NEWS.  Christ on a crutch.  Anyway, Laura's show is really good.  I wouldn't know this because I rarely watch evening tv (heck, I barely watch daytime tv either because I'm afraid they might show one of those hypocrite democrats and as soon as they open their mouths, my BP goes sky high).  At any rate there is one border patrol agent in particular who makes several very valid points that everyone should hear.

Go to the 35 minute mark (this is where I started watching while getting ready for bed so I wasn't even paying close attention until the border patrol agent (Rodney Scott) started talking.  Just grab the last few minutes of this vid and you'll see why I think it's so important.

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