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June 17, 2018 9:44 am  #1

Soft jihad comes to America

This is a good article with lots of embedded links you need to see.  This has been going on for years now, but no one wants to recognize it, and certainly the tv news stations/channels don't cover it.  It's as if they think they'll stir things up if they talk about it!  Good Lord, we need to stir things up and make people aware.  There are many who won't believe it, I'm sure, but if you know anyone who lives in FL, they will tell you it's true and that it's happening down there.

I found this in the comment section and I thought it was a good overview of how this happened before our very eyes and yet few people seem to have noticed, so I'm copying it here.

"Pardon me for asking, but what did anybody think electing and re-electing a madrassa educated guy named Barack Hussein Obama president of the United States, standing idly by while he bowed to Saudi kings, addressed the crowds at the Cairo islamic university, wore a muslim ring, made muslim hand signs while traveling in muslim countries, never referred to the koran as anything other than "the holy koran" but never referred to the Bible as The Holy Bible, proclaimed "my muslim faith" on national TV ("corrected" by George Stephiamalouse), never attended church but hosted the muslim brotherhood in the White Mosque on on open-door policy, required the crucifix to be covered-up when speaking at Catholic universities (and the morons at Notre Dame did it), declared the muslim call to prayer the "sweetest sound on earth"?How many Americans know what taqiyya, hijrah, and sharia are, or that islam is not a religion, it is a political movement poorly disguised as a religion, and only then to take advantage of "freedom of religion"? Probably fewer than could recite the Declaration of Independence from memory.

Surely others must remember all of this and more and now say "duh" in response to the concerns about America being islamized?"

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