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February 28, 2023 10:28 pm  #1

Pot Roast & Noodles

I made a couple of changes and I'll bet you know what they are!  It amazes me that Amish people are using canned soups.  WTH???  I made a beef rump roast yesterday (wow, all meat, little fat although I like and use beef fat) but there's a lotta meat on that little 4 pound roast.  So today I'm making this.

I used a can of tomato paste and thinned it down a little (it doesn't take much tomatoey stuff in this recipe or you'll ruin it) about 1 TBSP paste to 1 cup water or so, and I made my own homemade Cream of Anything soup, using celery rather than mushrooms.  It's gonna be delish!  The Cream of Anything soup recipe is at the top *bulleted* of the recipes page here on this forum.


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