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May 10, 2018 10:15 pm  #1

Folate or folic acid?

Here's a good article by Bill Sardi regarding B vitamins and strokes, etc.  Thing is, he refers to the use of folic acid and I am not comfortable using synthetic folic acid, which all folic acid is, sorry to say.  In the link to the article under Sardi's article is another one from Chris Kresser who explains the difference between folate and folic acid and why folate is always a better choice.  I use the B vitamins separately, never in one pill called a "B Complex" because the doses are always all off kilter, IMO.  Anyway, read both articles (Kresser's article is quite short but very informative).

Here's Bill Sardi's article:

Here's Kresser's info:

I have been using folate for at least 12 years or so because of the benefits to homocysteine levels. I use the Solgar brand Folate @ 800 mcg per tablet. There is nothing else in that pill, just folate.  When I found out that homocysteine played a much larger role in heart health than any of the other risk factors claimed by doctors, I was shocked to find out that the blood work your doctor orders does NOT even include checking homocysteine levels.  Gee, I wonder why? 

This is why I'm glad I don't have insurance - - because I schedule my own homocysteine and Vitamin D levels to be checked whenever the doctor orders blood work.  I have to go to an independent lab for the blood draw anyway and I am a private pay patient so I can order whatever tests I want, as long as I can pay for them!  It's quite a bit more expensive when I tack on those 2 extra tests but it's well worth it to know (providing the testing is even close to being accurate).  I take other B vitamins separately, too.  Most of what I use comes from Solgar (B12, B6, Biotin, B5, B3).

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