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April 30, 2018 4:20 am  #1

Using baking soda

At the very bottom of this article, there is a 9 1/2 min vid which is very informative.  It's presented by Dr. Mark Sircus (he also has a book on the use of baking soda, as well as many other useful books) and he talks slowly in the video which I really like because one can absorb what he is saying much easier than these vid's where the people are talking so fast you have to keep backing up the vid to replay stuff - sorta like listening to today's generation, especially the talking head idiots on tv.  It's no wonder no one knows what's going on in the world if you try to catch the news on the boob tube because you can't even understand what the hell they're saying because it's all done at warp speed.

This is a very informative and very interesting article.

**I've started adding just a pinch, and I do mean a pinch, of  baking soda to the top of the coffee grounds in the coffeemaker.  I read recently, somewhere, that it helps to cut the acidity of coffee and might even be the answer to helping people who were not able to tolerate coffee before.  Imagine that, something so simple and cheap. 

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