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April 22, 2018 8:52 pm  #1

Learn about living mulch

And ground covers and cover crops and companion mulching in the garden.

The problem with most of these articles is that they usually recommend things to plant down south (zones 9-11 or so) and that leaves us up here in the hinterlands (zones 2-4) with very few ideas.  We have a very short growing season and every year the birds end up eating most of the seeds I plant directly into the ground (and the squirrels get the rest) so I've started planting lots of stuff in pots.  I am getting to like it better all the time, because the pots can be moved throughout the day, from sun to shade if necessary (I use a small hand cart because soil is heavy!) and if I need to cover them at night for a while in early spring or autumn, it's easier than covering a garden area.  We also have a couple of greenhouses but we haven't used them for a couple of years now and probably will not use them this year either.  They are a lot of work and as we get older, neither of us is much interested in year-round gardening.

Some good info here, though, and always worth a try no matter where you live.

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