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August 5, 2022 11:02 pm  #1

Canadian history lesson

Yesterday on Jesse Watters show at 5 MT, he said Ottawa is the capitol of Canada.  Well, only technically.  Each province in Canada has it's own "main city", what we in the USA call capitols.  Each state in the USA has a capitol city (ours is Pierre, which is ALWAYS misprounced as Pee-air).  It's pronounced PEER.

Nevermind.  Most people just don't get it. 

But did you know Ottawa is only a small ways from Toronto, which should really be the capitol city?  Also, did you know that Toronto is farther down into the USA than some cities in upper Minnesota (like Duluth)??

Check it out on this interesting map.

The right-hand side of that map is a bit confusing if you aren't familiar with the region, but maybe you'll be able to figure it out or find another map which is more specific.  Here's another map I found, of the USA showing how Toronto is farther south than many American cities. you can use the slider bar at the bottom of the page to move around and see all the state's information.  Interesting!

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