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August 4, 2022 5:57 am  #1

Germany learned a quick, hard lesson

They are trying to rectify it before winter sets in.  It sounds odd to talk about winter coldness at the beginning of August during a heatwave (which we've experienced before many times) but this is the time to start paying attention to what's coming.  Germany found out the hard way that solar et al energy sources are not the answer, no matter what the USA is preaching right now.  The wealthy people around the world don't give a damn about you or me or anyone but themselves.  They will stay warm in winter and cool in summer, no matter what.  But they think they can push us into using STUPID sources of "energy" which really do not work, and are causing brownouts and blackouts all over the place.

At least Germany was smart enough to learn a lesson from all that nonsense.  You can bet the USA won't.  Because our current batch of "leaders" are just BENT on not doing anything in reality that DJT had done because what he did actually worked.  How sad that they are so fragile!  Wimps and wimpettes.

Quoted material below is from the link below the quote:

"Germany drank the green Kool-Aid as they shut down traditional sources of energy, while fantasizing that windmills and solar panels could sustain their society. Now faced with massive energy shortages and the prospects of a very cold winter coming up, they are reconnecting a coal-fired power plant to the energy grid. Greens are up in arms and would apparently rather freeze to death."

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