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July 12, 2022 7:02 am  #1

We have to learn NOT to depend on co-ops

Or any other form of "shared food systems".  We all need to learn to be independent, like I am, whether you're up to growing food in mass quantitles in row-crop form or whether you plant just enough for a couple of people in pots on your deck.  That's how I do it, since I'm alone now except when my grandbabies come to stay with me.  We are enjoying chives on everything.  My tomatoes and cukes are blossoming like mad and it shouldn't be long before they are bearing some really nice crops.  I have green onions growing on my windowsill in a glass pitcher.  I also tossing in some flowers around my yard, here and there, for beauty and some brilliant color!  It's been a great year for gardening, albeit the slow start we had.  I didn't even plant anything until the second week in June, it was just too cold before that.  Nothing would have germinated and then it would have been a waste.

So you can do it yourself (you know, DIY?) just get some big enough pots, some organic soil from your local hardware *you have to ask for it beause they don't put it out very often, make sure you have a watering can and plenty of hose, too.  I also use Azomite dust on my plants once they're established *don't use it too soon or you'll burn your "crop" just like with any other fertilizer.  Azomite can be ordered online or picked up also at a local hardware store (most carry it).  Dissolve it in some water and spray it on the soil if you wish.  That's about it until you see stuff starting to grow, then you may want to reposition your pots to different locations each day for maximum sun exposure, etc.

People need to learn to rely on themselves, because under this administration you cannot rely on one single thing from them.  Become self-sufficient, you should learn anyway.  Conserve water as much as possible by collecting rain in jugs and buckets *if you're lucky enough to HAVE timely rains.  Use melted ice cubes, chip extra build-ups of frost from your deep freezers, etc.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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