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June 6, 2022 4:19 am  #1

baby formula?

Why are they bothering with this crap?  Produced baby formula "powder" has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much sugar in it no baby on earth should be fed that junk.

I'm actually sad to see this happen.

If mom's can't breastfeed, they should feed their babies goat's milk (not powdered, the real thing - it's widely available all over the world) and if not goat's milk, then true, real, raw cow's milk prepared the way most mom's USED to prepare it.  You get it ALMOST to the boiing point, turn off the stove (if gas) or remove the kettle from the burner (if electric) and let it cool to room temp or a little above.  About 99% of the babies in the world can tolerate it and have tolerated it for centuries.  You DO NOT need to add a bunch of junk to it, like coconut oil and all the "recipes" you find online, how ridiculous. To the goat milk you can add a drop of liquid B12, if you wish.  If you give your baby other liquid baby vitamins (good brand name not some cheap junk) you will not need to worry about adding anything to the goat milk at all, no matter what you read online.  I'm a mom, been a mom for over 48 years and raised all 3 of my kids on a combo of breastmilk and goat milk (to use in a bottle if we went out for an evening or something and needed to supplement something besides breast milk - we didn't pump too much back then, because it was laborious).   Also I grew up drinking milk straight from the cow or the goat (usually squirted right into my mouth from the teat, because my older brothers thought it was sooooo funny to do that!).  Nevertheless, it's much healthier than the crap you find on a grocery store shelf and that should be obvious even to the dumbest of people.  That "formula" is shot through a hose at warp speed to turn it into a powder, which denatures it.  No nutritional value left at all.

I'm sorry to rant on about this subject but, as I said I'm a mom of 3 and I raised dozens and dozens of day care kiddo's on breastmilk or goat milk, because their mom's wanted it that way - - no canned baby formula powdery crap around my house!  So it's a subject very close to my heart, and it's important to our future generation, if there is one when biden gets done with his messy & criminal 4 years.  We all just have to hope there's something left to salvage here in the USA.


A government which robs Peter to
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