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May 26, 2022 10:14 pm  #1

Weather: why the time change?

Why does the time frame for "the end of the the world according to the greenies" keep changing?  Just 8 years ago AOC was telling us that we all only had 10 years left if greenie crap wasn't passed through CONgress and applied in real life, immediately.  IMMEDIATELY, that's what she kept saying.  Well, we've only got 2 years left of her prediction nonsense, and now we're up to a few more years before the earth expires in total heat because the non-greenie's just didn't buy her nonsensical crap.

These weirdo's decided they wanted to end the production of fossil fuels and the driving of cars that USE fossil fuels, so they have adopted a double-pronged approach with one hit.  No fuel, no cars.  That's their logic.  They hated the fact that Donald Trump had gas prices to a level where people could actually afford to use it, and he had the price of foreign-produced goods (like cars) at affordable levels, as well and the dimwit dems couldn't STAND that and they hated him because he actually had control of things and people liked him for his policies.  The dimwit dems couldn't stand by and let people have what they needed and wanted (thus the baby formula crisis).

I really want to ask these people to stop flying in their private jets. 

If they ARE flying around in private jets, where are THEY getting their fuel because jets don't run on electricity, not now, not ever, it's an impossibility.  Someone needs to find out if these people are buddying up to the oil-rich nations and their leaders in order to have their own private "elite" supply of fuel.  You and I both know that's the truth of it, that's exactly what's happening. 

You and I are getting "possibly tainted" drugs from these same countries.  I did the homework on that, and it's been discussed, however, the dimwits don't care as long as THEY have access to good, pure drugs (whatever THAT means).  Drugs are drugs - - they all have effects and side effects.  Which leads me to say the dimwit dems are all taking far too many pills & potions.  I wonder what kind of stuff they have to give ol' joe to keep him propped upright for 1/2 hour while he's on stage giving ridiculous speeches?  He's a total embarrassment, so I'd say the drug companies have failed miserably on that score........

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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