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August 8, 2017 7:17 am  #1

Hardy Boys

This is a FANTASTIC article. 

The real trick nowadays, however, is to get a boy to sit still long enough to read a book rather than stare at a screen with some idiotic "game" on it.  Or some Disney movie with porno undertones all throughout.  I have a grandson who will be 7 next week and he loves to play outdoors, fish, camp, hike, bike - you name it.  But he also spends too much time with that ipad or tablet in his hands, IMO.  But hey, I'm just the gramma, whadoiknow, huh? 

I read all the Hardy Boys books when I was growing up, but before I read Hardy Boys I read all the Nancy Drew mysteries, which are IMPHHO, still great reading for girls or boys.  There's lessons to be learned in those books, as you'll fine out when you read this article.

**FOOTNOTE: The Hardy Boys Canon. If you’re looking for the originals, be sure to buy those published before 1959, the year in which the publisher began editing the early installments to excise potentially offensive racial stereotypes, but also to make the already accessible books even easier reads — length was lopped off, descriptive language streamlined, and old slang and vocabulary words judged too meaty were removed. Overall, the project dumbed the books down and the result was almost universally panned; McFarlane felt the books had been “gutted,” while one modern critic opined: “The quality of the revised stories is generally so far below that of the originals that it can only be considered as an act of literary vandalism.” Look for originals on eBay.

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