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May 12, 2022 9:42 pm  #1

Why are we involving federal laws?

These abortion issues should never be left up to a criminal organization like the feds.  As I understood it, each state sets its own rules and regulations regarding abortion.  In my state they are not legal unless it involves losing the life of the mother, and even then it's still up to the decision of the family.  I, personally, have known a few people who had medically necessary abortions and these were couples who really wanted that baby, but the baby was not forming correctly or had something waaaaaay wrong with it long before birth, something not "fixable".  Such as anancephaly, for instance.  Horrible.  If you don't know what that entails, look it up and you'll become a pro-choice person, as well.  It should always and only be done for medical reasons.  That's my feeling.

Every state in the union needs more social workers and more foster families - - so who does our gubmint give money to??? FOREIGN COUNTRIES.  For God's sake are we stupid or what . . . . . . .

Thank God it didn't work out.  But knowing the dimwit dems, they'll figure out a way to make this their "pet project" and do it anyway.

But for a while, we have peace of mind.

I feel very personally about this issue because as a gramma, I've already lost 2 grandbabies - - not to abortion but to the mother (my daugter in law) having some sort of issues with carrying babies full term (which has since been corrected).  It was called Factor 5.  Look it up.


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