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April 20, 2022 2:11 am  #1

Weather: Here we go again

Just like last year, the fire danger index is extraordinarily high.  Everything was nice and wet for a while about 3 weeks ago, but the wind has been absolutely relentless for the past 3 weeks all day long, and sometimes during the night it blows so hard it keeps people awake. The constancy of it is driving people to distraction.  It just seems like it will never quit.

This wind has dried out everything, brought out bugs galore, snakes in the roadways, and birds don't know what to do.  The woodpeckers are so desperate for places to lay their eggs they are making holes in the siding of all the cedar and redwood sided homes in my area (mine is one of them).  I already have at least 2 or 3 boards that are going to need replacing.  Have you priced cedar lately?  Have you priced redwood?  OMG.

I'm just asking if everyone would PLEASE pray for us in this area of the country (Northern Great Plains). 

And if you perchance see Barack "egghead" Obozo, would you please belt him one for me, right in the chops?  He's the dood who ordered all the slash piles NOT to be burned (controlled burns by the Dept. of Forestry & Parks) and now they are a terrible, terrible fire hazard.  Have you ever seen a slash pile burn??  It's horrible and you can watch a 20 ft high X 20 ft wide slash pile burn in about 3 minutes or less.  Right now, there would be nothing to stop those flames from spreading and burning up the entire dried out Black Hills area.  Obozo and his greenie ideas, what a mindless toad.

Please please pray for our area to get some rain or snow or anything wet.  I'd appreciate it, because praying is all we have left.  Make this plea to everyone you know.  Thank you.


A government which robs Peter to
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