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March 6, 2018 11:25 am  #1


Question:  if all the kids that attend schools are fully vaccinated (by law) why is it that schools have to shut down because of the supposed "flu epidemic" and once they're shut down for a week or so, the illness factor tends to dissapear?? 

What people are calling the flu isn't really the flu.  It's illness spread by the vaccinations given (and of course all the useless boosters because the vaccines are useless to defend against anything to begin with, they're just filled with poisonous  adjuvants and preservatives).  Those vaccines shed and make everyone else ill, even if they've been vaccinated themselves. 

Too many young families are not doing their homework where vaccines are concerned.  They think because their doctors tell them they MUST do it, that they must do it....that's crazy.  You don't have to do anything your doctor says if you don't want to do it.  But people are becoming lazy and more dependent on other people for their own health.  I'll never understand.  And we wonder why there are more sick children and more sick elderly people.  Between the vaccines and the pills, the human body doesn't stand a chance.

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