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August 8, 2017 2:34 am  #1

Immigration nonsense from the left, as usual

As usual, the left is taking sides.  NO ONE should be taking sides against this issue.  Acosta and his ilk need their heads examined, and their priorities, as well.  Maybe they should be run out of this country on a rail for smear-talking the leader of this country, no?

Trump’s proposed immigration reform is wrong when viewed through the prism of “American tradition,” Acosta suggests.  And his support for that position is not that Trump’s policy runs afoul of the Constitution or any existing laws, but rather because it seems ideologically at odds with a poem, written by a late-nineteenth century socialist named Emma Lazarus, which he believes is a vital litmus test in determining what is, and what isn’t, truly American when it comes to immigration policy. 

I don’t take issue with the poem itself.  Aesthetically, I’ve always thought it quite good.  I just think it’s absurd to quote it as “Exhibit A” in arguing that restrictions on immigration amount to nativist xenophobia.

 Quotes are funny things, because who originally said them generally provides the bulk of a quote’s weight.  You’ll note that Acosta didn’t say, “As socialist poet Emma Lazarus once wrote…”  He said that “[t]he Statue of Liberty says…”

But let’s play his game for a moment.  Acosta clearly had a problem with the English requirement of Trump’s policy proposition.  Well, as Miller pointed out, the quote was not emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty when it was erected in America in 1886.  It was “added later.”  It was added in 1903, to be precise. 

In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt was the American president.  Given this fact, and the fact that his face appears alongside Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln on Mount Rushmore, I’d say his words might carry some weight on the matter of what is “traditionally” American.  And what Roosevelt said about immigrants, and the necessity of immigrants’ learning of the English language, could not be clearer.  “In the first place,” Roosevelt wrote in 1919, “we should insist that the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates to us… There can be no divided allegiance here… We have room for but one language, and that is the English language.”

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