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March 21, 2022 4:55 am  #1

Geronimo: a prisoner of the USA

Explain to me how what's happening in America today is one single bit different than what happened during the days of Geronimo, when Indians were forced onto reservations?

There is no difference at all, other than the calendar time in which these events occurred.

The only thing we "pleebs" haven't yet seen from the biden administration (keep in mind that calendar I mentioned) are the trains which will haul us away to some encampment, and possibly the ovens prevalent during the incarcerations of the Jews.  It's all VERY possible.  Same situation, different time.

Generational mass homocide doesn't change much, does it?

1.  Make people believe something that's not true
2.  Convince them that only the gubmint knows the answers
3.  Convince them that only the gubmint has the solutions
4.  Try to keep secret the fact that ONLY those people with money will escape the upcoming tyranny
5.  Start unnecessary wars, because these are the "shiny objects" which will keep people from seeing or seeking the real truth of what's happening

AND NOW WE'VE ARRIVED.  Just like all the Indian Nations did.  Oh there are still Indians - there are 14 reservations just in my state alone.  But those people are not free.  Not by a long shot.  And they're still angry about being "kept".  They get a monthly stipend.  Some buy weapons, but most of them spend it on liquor and stay drunk til the next month.  They live in squalor and reproduce like rabbits because they don't have anything else to do, but then WHITE families end up raising or adopting those Indian children.  Been happening for decades and decades.  The rules change a little bit every year though, so as not to be TOO conspicuous as a failed agenda for the US GUBMINT to grab Indian rights until the last one is gone.

You think that's no so?  I invite you to take a look in person, not online at some site put together by people who invent stories or guess at what history REALLY took place at that time.  Most everything written is mere speculation and that's the truth.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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