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March 16, 2022 3:32 am  #1

Toussant Charbonneau: a real firecracker

He was headstrong and MEAN.  He was also terrified of the rivers and streams they traversed because he was always afraid of capsizing and he could not swim.  He must have been a terrible judge of waterways because, of the "rivers" upon which Lewis and Clark traveled, few of them were deep enough to actually drown.  Most of the time the bottom of the boats dragged along the rocks and sand because of the lack of water.  IOW, he was a chicken!!  I have other names I'd rather call him but not here......

There are several accounts of him, of course, and in every account the spellings are different, both of his name and of Sakakawea, his "wife".  He was rude to her and treated her badly sometimes, checked by Wm. Clark several times for his actions against her.  Before he "wed" Sakakawea, he was in trouble in Canada for raping several women, accounts of which are sketchy.

I'm using this account of his existence because it's "nicer" to the man/jerk.

I would not have gotten on well with this guy.  As I always say, walk softly and carry a bigass metal shovel !

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