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March 11, 2022 4:24 am  #1


She opens her mouth and STUPID falls out.  Idiocy falls out.  A verbal jungle falls out.  But usually NOTHING falls out.  When I say nothing, that's what I mean.  Nothing discernable falls out.

Why does it always sound likes she's teaching school?  Or like she's talking to a group of 3rd graders?  It is a complete and utter INSULT to the people she's talking to (and exactly WHY is she talking to them anyway)? They do not need her to tell them what the hell's happening.  One can plainly see what's happening if one cares to look.

I really hope she doesn't actually think those people in the listening audience (poor bastards) believe she's up to this job because I'm pretty positive most of them know she left her brain at the airport locker.  She is the prizewinner for Miss Dingbat Anerica.  It also proves how really stupid ol' joe is for entrusting her with ANYTHING.  But then, he's just as dumb and nitwitted as she is!  Good Lord Molly.


She laughs at the most inappropriate times, and to be honest again, this is really no laughing matter, at all.  Deadly serious topics do not require humor or laughter.  Her "handlers" should inform her of that before her next comic routine begins.


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