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March 2, 2022 12:35 am  #1

Covid has no facts to follow . . .

I may have posted this article here before, but I was re-reading it today and decided to C&P it in depth, so that people will actually SEE & READ what's in there that's very important - but is being skipped by the lamestream media hogwarts. 

Those doods have a "line" to sell and boy do they sell it. 

But if you can read this and make sense out of their "logic" on this convoluted subject, I'd be interested to see how you arrived at that conclusion.  They lie constantly and they're never going to end what's been a very good thing for them - a useful tool, just like all people who were stoopid enough to take an untrialed, untested, unapproved vaxx.  Absolute TOOLS.  Not that it matters if it was "approved by anyone", you understand!  What the hell do they know?  Medicine is getting to be more and more a guessing game all the time, much like it was in the 1800's.  Think not?  Do the research.

So here's some of the info from the article at the link below it: 

" . . . we are becoming a dumber, less questioning, more complacent, and lazy society.The most important things I learned in school—how to reason and think for myself and to cherish the freedom to do both—seem to have become “unpopular.” We are now ruled by groupthink, with the end justifying the means, and blind obedience the expectation. We’ve become accustomed to opening our mouths like helpless babies being spoon-fed pablum. The justification is that it’s “for our own good.”

Perhaps you’ve seen the recent stories about how our national Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, has COVID— as do his wife and two small children, a 4-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. You’ll notice the NBC News story I just linked says all the “right” things, the same mindless stuff we all get on the 11 PM newscast.It quotes Murthy saying they’re all vaccinated, including the son, and that their little daughter was the first to get the virus, but she’s doing fine. He mentions that all the family’s symptoms are “mild,” because they’re vaccinated. Just a second…the unvaccinated 4-year old daughter has mild symptoms too? Oh! Perhaps, therefore, this is a faulty conclusion? Just as faulty as the “vaccine” keeping them from infection, which it obviously didn’t.

It gets worse. In yet another NBC news article, Murthy admits to having lost 10 family members to COVID, both here and in India. The striking thing about these articles—and every mainstream news report hammering at us to vaccinate and boost—is there is, always, zero mention of treatment, only the repeated litany that the shots make the symptoms milder, so they’re great (even if they don’t work, or the outcome for the unvaccinated child is just the same as for the rest of the family).

Zero mention of treatment makes no sense, especially for someone who has lost 10 members of his own family! As our top medical authority for the whole country, wouldn’t it be normal that he study, and report on, what has actually worked to stop COVID? Wouldn’t you expect him to at least acknowledge that India has turned their early losses around by using a drug cocktail including ivermectin, in a WHO-supported treatment campaign?"

*Oh yeah, this was the article with the information about the stoopidity of Neil Cavuto.  TALK ABOUT A TOOL !!!!

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