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January 29, 2022 4:58 am  #1

Ditching cars - - except not the rich and famous

And that, of course, includes politicians - - why wouldn't it, right? Politicians have been getting rich off the rest of us since the days of the Roman Empire. They've actually been taking advantage of us in myriad ways but most people don't care enough to look into the graft in WADC and all over the country.

This "ditching cars" business started under obozo's administration.  My city created bike lanes all over town and NO ONE uses them, they still bike and hike on the sidewalk. Four lane roads were turned into two lane roads (you know, one lane going each direction instead of double lanes?  We have miles and miles of "turn lanes" where there's nothing to "turn" into - - no businesses or churches or schools or grocery stores or whatever.  In the process of eliminating travel lanes, each corner is now bedecked with a curved pavement so that it makes things very difficult for two cars to be in the same turn off.  If I'm going one way and get to the corner, I stop at the stop sign and sometimes I have to wait for oncoming traffic.  In the meantime if another car wants to turn onto the street where my car is waiting to turn, we nearly have to take off each others side-view mirrors in order to be at the same corner.  It's dangerous and disgusting.  LOTS of people have gotten so they just drive right over the curb because they have no choice.

Between obozo and biden, they are in the process of destroying America in many ways (you DO realize biden isn't the real president, right? Obozo is still in charge in the shadows, along with hillary clanton and her gangland ties) and if we don't all wake up real soon, they'll accomplish the destruction, too.  We better hope a lot of gubners are paying VERY CLOSE ATTENTION during the mid-terms.  These road changes should have been eliminated a long time ago (I was hoping Trump would get rid of this traffic nonsense).  But the bigger problem is going to be to get rid of as many democraps (in office) as voting will let us do.  Too many people skip voting in the mid-terms and we cannot let that happen this fall. We simply cannot let it happen.  Our LIVES depend on it.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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