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February 17, 2018 12:11 am  #1

Just wash your hands already

Boy, people really just don't think much about anything unless it's posted "onine" somewhere, do they?  Good Lord.

It's called common sense and it's rare these days. What isn't rare is bigpHrMa propaganda which is simply scaring the living shit out of everyone so they'll run to the doctor.  I know a lot of people who spent good money to go to a doctor, only to be told they have a cold.  But they insist on being tested (this in not the doctor's fault, of course) and then put on some kind of antiviral or antibiotic thinking this will help them.  It doesn't.  It's making people feel worse and stay sicker longer, if they don't die first.  Is there logic in there somewhere?

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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