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November 28, 2021 7:18 am  #1

How much do you know about Pilgrims & early America?

This is interesting, especially if you don't know a lot of the history you really SHOULD know unless you're only 5 or 6 years old. 

If you're an adult, you should KNOW THIS STUFF, but I was just watching Watter's World and he was on the streets of NYC asking questions of passers-by and one of his questions was "where did the Pilgrims come from" and NO ONE could answer him.  It's astounding to me how people can graduate from high school and sometimes even college without knowing this one simple, basic question.  I mean, it's disgraceful how little people know about their own country. 

I guarantee you that many of the illegal aliens will soon know the answer to this question.  Especially if they're truly interested in becoming American citizens, because it is no doubt on the citizenship test.  If it's not, it should be.


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