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November 22, 2021 1:25 am  #1

Not even checked for cognitive function??

You don't have to be a doctor to see what's right in front of everyone's face, for God's sake.  The man is clearly not "with the program" sometimes, which means he's lapsing in and out of cognitivity.  Not good for the leader of "the free world" (which it won't be for much longer at the rate dumbass bidenista is going).  Between mexico and china, biden is just giving us away to them.

So, so, so . . . he wasn't tested for cognitive issues???  What kind of "physical" is that for a 79 year old man??? The ONE test he really needed he either didn't receive or they're just not telling what they found.  THAT would be my guess.  If the people of the world KNEW FOR SURE what an idiot the man is, it would be so easy to "medically" get rid of him as our president (which he clearly is not, some dork behind the curtain is pulling the strings, for sure) and we could do a double whammy and get rid of biden AND harris (the childlike VP).  What a pair.  No wonder all the foreign countries are just howling with laughter over what's going on at the border, what went on in Afghanistan, and the myriad of other idiotic things which have happened since January of this year.  He's an embarrassment to the nation, and COMMALA is even worse.  Good grief.

Saints preserve us all.  The doctors were clearly looking at the wrong end of joe . . .

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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