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August 7, 2017 10:53 am  #1

Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Sounds delish! I'd use Muir Glen Pizza Sauce - it's wonderful.

Another idea for grilled cheese sandwiches was to use a hot dog in it!  When I was a kid and we bought meat on the hoof from local farmers and had it processed at a local butcher shop (that was before they added everything but the kitchen sink to sausages and stuff) Dad always had the butcher make up "hot dogs". They were not as long as a "foot-long hot dog" but they were longer than regular dogs. I suppose they were comparable in size to the "bun sized" dogs of today but they were fatter and tasted just terrific (oh what I wouldn't give for a hot dog like that today).

Mom would slice the dogs in half, both lengthwise and crosswise, then she'd put a piece of buttered bread onto a flat skillet, lay on a couple pieces of cheese, then a few hunks of those sliced up hot dogs, then another piece of butter bread on top and make them like a grilled cheese. She had a huge thing/utensil (it looked kinda like salad tongs) and she would use it to turn the sandwiches so they'd brown on both sides without falling apart.

Sometimes she would just fold a whole, boiled hot dog and a slice of cheese into a piece of fried-on-one-side butter bread while everything was still hot and make it like a one-slicer grilled cheese. It always depended on how much homemade bread we had, or what other plans she had for what bread was left until we made more.

More often than not, on Saturdays these were on the menu for lunch along with a pickle and some cottage cheese or she sometimes splurged and let us have potato chips. They were quick to eat and we were always in a hurry to get chores done, especially when we were old enough to have dates at night!

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