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November 2, 2021 2:35 am  #1

Why are they lecturing us all the time?

The democraps are totally insufferable.  They are a bunch of prigs.  A prig, however, usually has moral ground to
stand on, whereas this current bunch have nothing to stand on.  Hells bells, they can't even depend on EACH OTHER!!!  It's really just too funny and is providing lots of entertainment to the repubs right now.

The biden admin is constantly wanting to lecture us about all things American.  But somehow, it's just not working for them. 

They lecture us about saving gas (like obozo did when he talked about everyone riding bikes instead of using cars, geez I wonder if he got THAT idea from China, whaddayathink?), but we were producing massive amount of gas & oil (thanks to Trump) before biden took over as the idiot in chief.

He lectures about American's who "waste energy" all while his own cabinet is flying all over creation in huge airplanes, and trotting out 16 car motorcades for WHAT?? 

And those two things are only the beginning of their lunacy.

Does biden know that it costs money (and takes FUEL) to produce (READ: build) a wind turbine or solar panels and all the rest of his crazy ideas?  Has he actually THOUGHT about that?  I doubt it. 

The fact is, where I live, a solar panel would never even BEGIN to heat my small home because in the winter the sun RARELY shines enough to produce enough energy for 1/4 of a day, much less a full 8-10 hour day.  After the time change (which is coming up soon) those hours will be less, but still, I have a dryer to run, a refrigerator to run, etc., which would never work with a solar panel.  Does biden know that SOLAR ENERGY needs the SUN?  I also doubt that.

This whole green craziness started during the obozo administration, and biden (as useless as he was to obozo and the guy is still useless, actually both of them are pretty damned useless) couldn't begin to tell you a single thing about green energy, neither could anyone on the "squad of 4 goons".  They simply have a cause, with no clue.

Obozo shipped pallets of money to foreign enemies, biden is trying to steal pallets of money from the American public to give to China.....I fail to see a real difference, do you?  Let them toot each others horns because no one else wants to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are both a couple of clowns, and they both had administrations that were FULL OF CLOWNS.  This wobbles back and forth between being funny and then sad and then funny again.  It's like being on a roller coaster.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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