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September 24, 2021 5:41 am  #1

Hunter's laptop

Can you only IMAGINE what it would be like, in the press et al, if this were one of President Trump's sons???

OMG.  Not that t hey'd ever do such things as Hunter did, by any means, but they would have been burned at the stake, whereas Hunter and Joey are getting a pass. 


I just wish the guys doing the interviewing would SHUT UP while the person they're interviewing is being interviewed !!  Did you get that?  It's very annoying when you can't tell what either of them are saying because it's such a mess of words.  This is what's happened because of all the "delayed replay" having to do with everything being recorded nowadays.  Phone calls are the same.  It's just damned disgusting.  Too bad someone isn't spying on the biden family at all times, right now.  Of course, it's probably pretty boring sitting in a basement all the time . . .

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