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September 23, 2021 3:54 am  #1

He's just got to be kidding

I just heard some jackass doctor on some tv "news show" saying it is the people over 65 and the immuno-compromised people who need the vaxxzine.

Is he just out of his friggin' mind? 

Those are precisely the people who should NEVER BE RECEIVING THESE POISONOUS DEADLY SHOTS.

Actually, no one should be getting them, but as an immuno-compromised person myself, I would never submit to any of those vaxxzines.  There's just not a way for that "doctor" to justify a statement like that and come off sounding serious.  Really?  He's gonna inject God knows what into the veins of elderly people and people who are already suffering a "broken immune system"????????????????  Where did that jerk go to school?  His license should be pulled immediately.  How I wish I'd gotten his name but I didn't.

Evidently he missed the NEWS about the nursing home crisis at the very beginning of this ridiculous misinformation campaign about some disease called covid/corona which is really nothing more than the flu.  If people would study up on past flu situations, you'd see that the symptoms are pretty much the same UNLESS THEY WERE VAXXINATED.  The vax's are what's causing the problems - - why aren't people understanding this??????????

We don't even know what's in those "shots" and neither do the medical people, apparently.  Not to mention that every single person is going to react differently to ANY type of shot or medication introduced into their body.  That's just a fact.  But then, democraps who play a doctor a tv don't understand facts.  That's obvious.

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