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September 13, 2021 2:31 am  #1

FAMILY LIFE: good one!

While going through some very OLD family records *which is one of my favorite hobbies*, I found this interesting bit of advice from the late 1800's.  We might do well, even now, to consider these as words of wisdom.

"We have doctors in our family so we can be sick for nothing.
 We have ministers so we can be good for nothing.
 All we need is an undertaker so we can die for nothing."

Think about those words in a bit different context, however. 

As for the first sentence, most people who go to doctors, much less have one in the family, take medicines they don't really need and are *sick for no good reason* - - - FROM THE MEDICINES.  I've seen it happen countless times to friends and family.   Medicines are not always the answer - - sometimes just living a normal life is the answer, eating good and proper foods, avoiding things you KNOW are bad for you, etc.

Then we have the advice about ministers - - most people go to church and then don't practice what they've learned from the sermon = good for nothing. 

And the third line tells how most people die for nothing because they stood for nothing. 

See you can read it many different ways (I actually came up with a couple more ways you could look upon this advice, but I'll give it, and you, a rest for now!!). 

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