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September 12, 2021 3:32 am  #1

Weather: rain?

Is it wrong to pray for rain?

My area of the country hasn't seen a rainfall for almost 4 months that's worth mentioning.  We've had a couple of rainDROPs here and there, lotsa wind, mostly this damned SMOKE IN THE AIR, but no rain to speak of.

My church has actually taken to praying for rain.  That's how bad this is.  It seems like lately it's either flooding somewhere or it's so dry the grass is obliterated unless you water 24/7 which I have NO intention of doing.  Not at the price of water up here.  It's gotten completely out of hand (prices) along with absolutely everything else one needs on which to survive.  America's elites have gone completely bonkers with power.

So, if you're a mind to do so, please pray for rain in the northern half of the USA from WA to Michigan.

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