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January 23, 2018 10:41 pm  #1

FLU epidemic??? That's just plain nonsense

Gee.  Imagine it.  The public isn't being fully informed!!!!!  I never would have guessed, would you? 

Anyone who is stupid enough to have a flu shot or take some concocted drug to get over something that will end all by itself in 3 days or less, deserves what they get.  Too many people are confusing (and not being set straight by doctors or anyone else) pneumonia and what is truly "the flu".  What a disgrace to the medical complex.

I can tell you this without hesitation.  I do not know one single person who has had the flu this entire autumn/winter season.  We gather with groups of people several nights a week (church groups, card players, our kids and their families who come every Wednesday night for dinner at our house, etc) and not one single person has had the flu and that's a fact.  All of us are wondering where this "epidemic" talk is coming from??  We know of 2 cases of food poisoning (some friends who recently ate in a Denver restaurant while on a ski trip) but other than that, nothing that even remotely resembles the flu.

It's all a big fear-driven scam to sell shots and drugs. 

My advice:  take your vitamin D3, quadruple your intake of vitamin C and the foods containing C (like oranges and lemons, for instance) and drink a lot of fluids.  Wash your hands several times daily, and if you're out and about take a small spray bottle containing Everclear with several drops of cinnamon oil or the 4 thieves blend and spray your hands with it after touching the handles of grocery carts, etc.

But don't get yourself in a lather about this freak epidemic talk.  It's a load of bull puckey.  My guess would be that a lot of people are getting sick from food poisoning and it's being called the flu because the food industry takes a hit every time Monsanto takes a hit.

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