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August 10, 2021 2:04 am  #1

Border policy disaster

I DARE SOMEONE, ANYONE, to deny this is what's happening and that it was the entire problem from the get-go.  THIS is where the biden administration got the idea in the first place (to push the covid nightmare on everyone and it's how they intend to keep it going, even though NO ILLEGAL ALIENS are required to take the jab.  Hmmmmm).

The biden administration must think we're all as stupid as biden himself.


Lots of people have figured out the scam, many of us did that a long time ago.  The masks, the shots, the social distancing - - a total and fabricated ruse.  One of these days biden's gonna slip and tell us the truth and I can't wait for it to happen.  What a glorious day that will be because we get to prove 2 points: biden is a liar, thief and chief  hoaxer, and this was planned waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in advance, which is why the dimpocraps had to CHEAT HIM INTO OFFICE.

Too many Americans continue to put their head in the sand.  Several FOX NEWS COMMENTATORS are among them, sad to say.  Now there's no where to watch.  I guess I could try signing up for OAN again (or is it OOAN?) but I've tried three times now and cannot get the job done for some reason.  Hmmmm.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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