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July 31, 2021 9:41 pm  #1

A history lesson about fires - "cultural burning"

Native Americans used fires to help the land regenerate.  That's the way it should still be used, even if the fire starts "accidently" by lightning or carelessness on the part of humans.

Most of these fires nowadays are the fault of the carelessness of humans because they are building homes where no homes were ever meant to be built and never should have been allowed by the local "authorities".  But they'll do anything for money.  They are like elected whores.

I don't know why people continue to think that the Native American people were stupid or savages.  If they were, how come their cultures lasted for many, many generations? And they weren't savages just because they hunted.  They HAD to hunt in order to survive because they used almost every piece of an animal from the hide to the bones.  Actually, they were much smarter than the white men of that time in history.  And ever so much smarter than the nitwits of today.

Until the white man came along and snuffed out a lot of their dreams, and their entire tribes too, they managed to do just fine.  They were considered helpful to the pilgrims, but hurtful to everyone else??  No sir, that's not how things were at all.  But you'd have to study up on it to know that, which I've done for years because the whole history of the part of the USA where I live fascinates me.  In my state alone, there were 14 or 15 independent Indian tribes (to be politically correct these days - and stupid right along with it, we now have to refer to these people as Native Americans - - good grief).

The article below is good reading, but contrary to what John Muir (the naturalist) says, the western states were NOT shaped by only natural forces.

This is called cultural burning, contrary in meaning to what's happening today in America thanks to the ridiculous biden administration.  With that non-commander in chief, nothing is off limits and it's ruining a once great America and her landscape.  Whatever he makes off this nonsense, I hope it's worth it to him because it's detrimental to the rest of us - to an entire population.  Makes you wonder why illegal aliens are in such a damned hurry to get here because they're going to face the crushing of America just like the rest of us are and will, as time goes on.

This is truly great reading; a lesson about history and current happenings, all rolled into one.  I disagree with some of the information but then again I always disagree with "the experts" on certain things.  We weren't there so we really are just taking wild ass guesses at some of this stuff - - ESPECIALLY the historically important stuff.  No good record keeping was done back then, either.

And the thing about smallpox wasn't accurate either.  No one knows the history of this or any other disease, for positive.  There's just no way to know how these things get started, what prompts them to spread, and who will or won't pick up these diseases.  Has nothing to do with "germs" either.  The germ theory is a myth as much as many other modern-day "medical myths".  People are just lemmings, however, so any explanation is acceptable to them.  How awful to be so gullible as to believe every theory spouting out of the mouths of the criminal dimpocraps.

Their hair is on fire, look out!

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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