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July 26, 2021 12:19 am  #1

This is truly amazing behavior - tame & wild together!

What makes this little 4 min vid even more amazing, for those who don't know a thing about animals, is that this isn't your ordinary "cow" - - - this is a Brahma (or Brahman, whichever you prefer) cow and they are, believe me, NOT known for their "acts of kindness" as a rule.

That makes this even more amazing.  Take 4 minutes away from politics and let yourself go into a world where opposites actually work together for good.

Here's some info and photos of the different varieties of Brahman cattle.

My Dad had a couple of the bulls on our ranch, but he always preferred our beloved Herefords.  Believe me, there's NOTHING in this world like a Hereford when it comes to stamina, eagerness to breed, quality of meat, expectation of survival and birth rates far above other breeds, and many other reasons why my Dad preferred Herefords.  Nevertheless, my two brothers coddled a couple of Brahmans and talked Dad into keeping them around the ranch just so they could say we owned a couple, I guess.  Those brothers of mine were the same about horses, donkeys, mules and jackasses.  Any weird animal could be found, for a time, on our ranch.  It made for a fun growing up though, I can tell you!

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